data class Settings(sideEffectBufferSize: Int, idlingRegistry: IdlingResource, intentDispatcher: CoroutineDispatcher, exceptionHandler: CoroutineExceptionHandler?, repeatOnSubscribedStopTimeout: Long)

Represents additional settings to create the container with.


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fun Settings(sideEffectBufferSize: Int = Channel.UNLIMITED, idlingRegistry: IdlingResource = NoopIdlingResource(), intentDispatcher: CoroutineDispatcher = Dispatchers.Default, exceptionHandler: CoroutineExceptionHandler? = null, repeatOnSubscribedStopTimeout: Long = 100)


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val exceptionHandler: CoroutineExceptionHandler? = null
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val idlingRegistry: IdlingResource

The registry used by the container for signalling idling for UI tests

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val intentDispatcher: CoroutineDispatcher

The dispatcher used for handling incoming orbit intents

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val repeatOnSubscribedStopTimeout: Long = 100

A delay (in milliseconds) between the disappearance of the last subscriber and the stopping of the repeatOnSubscribed block

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val sideEffectBufferSize: Int

Defines how many side effects can be buffered before the container suspends. If you are sending many side effects and getting out of memory exceptions this can be turned down to suspend the container instead. Unlimited by default.