A version of sideEffectFlow ref-counted for the repeatOnSubscription operator. Do not use when subscribing to state updates within your ContainerHost.

Flow of one-off side effects posted from Container. Caches side effects when there are no collectors. The size of the cache can be controlled via SettingsBuilder and determines if and when the orbit thread suspends when you post a side effect. The default is unlimited. You don't have to touch this unless you are posting many side effects which could result in OutOfMemoryError.

This is designed to be collected by one observer only in order to ensure that side effect caching works in a predictable way. If your particular use case requires multi-casting use broadcast on this Flow, but be aware that caching will not work for the resulting BroadcastChannel.

It's the same as sideEffectFlow, but it's ref-counted for the repeatOnSubscription operator.